Here at Skrapling we have come up with an elegant and simple solution to extract content from websites, count the words and prepare a quick quotation for your client. Our clients have so far all been extremely pleased with the results and love the way that Skrapling simplifies their quoting job to just a few minutes instead of hours on end. We extract text into txt, xls and html. We also provide a simple and easy overview through our “URL Overview” sheet, which gives you an index file of the sites that our robot has looked at. Skrapling was built by a team that focused on Simplicity, Ease of Use and Simple Integration to make life easier for the translation and content industries. No more boring copy and pasting from websites to figure out what they contain, simply Skrape!

Skrapling is easy to use and gives you exactly what you need. You can export the content into all word processing formats.