Extracting text from
websites has never
been this easy!

An elegant and simple solution to extract content from websites

Skrape and extract!

With Skrapling you can extract content from a website and export the text in different formats: Word, PDF, Plain text, etc.

Skrapling is a user friendly tool, and in just a few clicks you will be able to extract the entire multilingual content on a website. 

In less than 15 minutes you will be able to prepare a quote for a website translation.

How does Skrapling work?


Enter the website URL


Choose the language


Select the URLs


Extract the content


I greatly appreciate the proactive assistance.

A fantastic and extremely useful little tool, it takes all the pain out of quoting for website translations. A huge time saver!

It was very quick and easy to use! I also exported a list of the pages in excel. The wordcount for each page was an added value.

I have tested the tool and I am very satisfied. Before I knew about Skrapling, I was searching for something similar and it seems like I finally know which tool to use.

Having reviewed Skrapling and what it can do, I am very impressed with it, and it will be our go-to solution for website content extraction moving forward.

I have tried Skrapling on one website (20 URLS) and it works wonderfully. I also exported three of the URLS to Word and the result is very satisfactory. The platform is user friendly and really handy.