LSPs and Translators

If you are a LSP (Language Service Provider) or a Translator looking to extract text from websites quickly then our service will make your life so much easier. Now it will only take a few minutes to prepare a quote for a web site translation or adaptation. You can send the list of extracted pages to the client and even the Word file with all the text in order for the client to confirm the exact text, which you have extracted for them.

The different links on the web site will be marked clearly in the file which will be a great help for the client´s web master when the translated text has to be uploaded to the web site again.

You will also get a list of possible pdf-files found on the page or other kinds of files throughout the site structure, as Skrapling gets everything that contains text for you. So sit back, relax, and watch our tool do all the hard skraping for you.

Images will be extracted, as well, for transcription and processing in the CAT tool that you use. We will also extract headers, titles and various other tags to ensure you have simple overviews and can re-integrate the content as easily as possible.